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Creators get paid from members!

How to use Accessgigs.com:

Members pay for a subscription and you recieve 95% of the payment if you are a PRO Member.  If you are not a PRO memember withdrawal fee is 10% to get your money every Thursday.

Subscriptions can be a min. of $5 and a maximum of $500.  Creators can be tipped any amount that the person decides.  

If you have wanted to combine your social media influence with earning money online you have found the perfect place.  This is a social media platform for adults so you have to be Over 18 to be able to join our site.  

1-   AccessGigs.com & AccessGigs.net

All refunds are credited to your account in your wallet.  You must request a credit or debit card refund in writing at refunds@accessgigs.com.  If you want to cancel just click on the cancel a subscription button in the wallet.  It will ask you the user name that you want to cancel and it will be canceled.  

203-571-0072 Support number. after subitting a support ticket.

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We are a social media and subscription site for content creators.

Phone Number (Merchants or Consumer Support (888.596.9279) CCBill